Friday, September 24, 2010

pop pop poppy!

well today, before work i decided to start x-mas shopping (yeah i like to start early :x) and i already have gifts to my grandma, my sister and my aunt. yay!
i didnt intend to buy anything for me, but i couldnt resist that cute makeup case from claire´s (and it was on sale) aaaaaaaand primark just got in nail polishes!
and they are cute as hell! loveee the box, and the mirror, and the colors, everything!
it also makes a great gift to someone. and its cheap lol
im already wearing the red one, called "poppy". im loving it so far!
lets see if it lasts :)


  1. Ainda ñ vi as caixinhas, mas tenho que lá ir amanhã ver com os meus olhos =P

  2. nao sabia que o primark já tinha vernizes, são de qualidade?

  3. olha sinceramente gostei! tive 3 dias c ele e so tinha desgastado um pouco em duas unhas! vou agr experimentar outro.
    claro que poderiam ser melhor mas no geral sao fixes, pena serem um pouco mais pequenos que os normais.
    e é so 2e a caixa!!

  4. são baratíssimos! tenho que experimentar :)

  5. oh! as cores sao fofas! nao vi mesmo lá :( sniff