Wednesday, February 2, 2011

late night shopping

cant sleep, what to do? go on ebay.
-a pretty pallette from costance carrol (do you know this brand? well, i dont.)
i loved the colors and it was cheap. i'll see the quality when it arrives though.
- bourjois lovely brille lipstick in corail des mers. such a nice shade!
- playboy lipstick calender miss june. yeah. i know. a playboy lipstick. ahahah i thought the package was cute!
and its a nice shade! DONT CURR!!
anyway i'll show pictures when everything arrives.

- cute shorts from zara.
i couldnt decide on which color so i bought both.
i rarely wear shorts, and i doubt they will look good on my big fat tights,
but what the hell.

(god, i need to start sleeping instead of online shopping.)


  1. tinha a sensação que já tinha comentado isto x) também andei às compras pelo ebay, e comprei os tais vernizes **

  2. gosto das botas .

    obrigada pelo teu comentário, já sou seguidora também :)